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A Veteran Owned international security
firm based in Alexandria, VA. 

Maritime Security

The Maritime Branch of Nexus Consulting can assist you in all your needs. We take a very pro-active posture on security and believe that proper planning prevents most problems. We take the same approach in all aspects of security operations, whether it be protecting nuclear weapons in transit, or cruise ships at sea, or a high-profile client, our posture is same: "Deter, Detect, Delay, Deny, and Defeat if need be"

Maritime Services

ISPS Code Compliance

1) We incorporate all three primary maritime regulatory disciplines (IMO, Flag of Origin, and Port-State Control).
2) We design to provide companies with a customized approach resulting in a universal set of company maritime security protocols utilizing our proprietary "Hybrid Security Solution"™
3) We are totally transparent approach in that all work conducted ‐ security plans, facility, vessel, audits and findings, administrative files, personnel training records, as well as security drills & exercise calendars are fully accessible for client monitoring via Nexus Consulting’s secure, password protected Client Portal.

Full-Scope Supply Chain & Maritime Security Solutions

The Nexus Solution™ begins with building a customized foundation for all of the client's companywide maritime security initiatives. Starting with initial assessments, continuing through the development and execution of a corporate maritime security plan, to the management and monitoring of a universal program, the CMP ensures consistency in programs and processes across all company venues.

Vessel Security Plan Designing and Assessing

The Vessel Security rulemaking can be divided into three distinct categories. First, the rulemaking imposes a variety of different security measures and requirements on owners and operators. Second, owners or operators must conduct a Vessel Security Assessment (VSA). Finally, owners and operators must develop a VSP incorporating the results of the VSA and submit the VSP to the Coast Guard for approval.  Nexus helps you comply and maintain every 5 years. Compliance Management Programs (CMP) – Total security solutions means ensuring your entire security operation is secure and compliant with all regulatory authorities.

Fully Defensible Maritime Security Assessments

Our assessments have stood up to USCG reviews, and in some cases, Nexus has advised the Coast Guard on practical application of Port Security Advisories (PSA's).

Maritime Security Compliance Program

A great VSP is nothing more than a paperweight unless the full-scope is realized and employed.  Nexus doesn’t just put a check in a box, we deliver the whole program of maritime security compliance to you.

Regulatory Assessment & Audit Service

Let the Nexus team of master mariners and former US special agents review and audit your needs.  Our teams have been through audits on both sides of the table and know what it takes to keep your operations moving forward.

Total Training Solutions Sanctioned by USGC, DHS, MSC and FEMA

Working with our strategic partner Talon, Nexus can deliver you with sanctioned training programs including Security Officers & Supervisors, Security Officer Supervisor, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders , Facility Security Officers, Port & Facility Management

Training and Drill Management

33CFR section 105.220 requires at least one security drill is conducted every three months and that exercises the conducted at least once each calendar year with no more than 18 months between exercises. Nexus can work with your Facility Security Officer to develop a plan allowing your company to cost effectively execute your quarterly drills and annual exercises. Most importantly we will work closely with your FSO to evaluate the results of the program.

Port Security Training

This course provides knowledge to those who may be designated to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Facility Security Officer (FSO), in particular, the duties and responsibilities with respect to the security of a facility. This certified course meets the training requirements as defined by 33CFR 105.205 and Part B18.1 of the ISPS Code.

Embarked Security Teams

Nexus is the first US firm to provide armed security details to the US fleet and continues to lead the way providing armed security teams to the US merchant fleet.

Gas & Oil Platform Operations

Nexus has teams available for gas and oil platform operations in West Africa and the world.

Small Boat Operations

Former US Navy SEALs and River Assault vessel commanders can support your operations with our small boat fleet

Seizure/Recovery of Vessels and Offshore Facilities

Working with our insurance firms, Nexus can recover your assets in extremist and hostile situations and environments.

What Sets Us Apart

The staff of Nexus has been providing armed security details to US flagged vessels since April 2009. We have served on AMO, MM&P, MEBA and SIU crewed vessels and provided services on bulk’s, heavy lift’s, RORO’s, and container ships.

To date, Nexus has successfully deterred over 8 pirate attacks on US flagged vessels and responded to over 30 probes and potential attacks. Nexus has accomplished this feat WITHOUT firing a shot yet, thanks to the superior training, skills, and ability to recognize what response is needed to stop a pirate BEFORE he gets to effective range.

Most recently, in working with Capt. Shane Murphy of the MAERSK ALABAMA, Nexus has created a “stem to stern” comprehensive training program including lessoned learn from the ALABAMA given directly from Capt. Murphy himself.

See what Nexus can do for you in protecting your crews, vessels, cargo and reduce your liabilities!

The NEXUS staff is comprised of the most elite, highly trained professionals in the field, capable of assessing and mitigating threats before they can be effective.

We have served in:
• US Delta Force
• Navy SEAL' Teams
• US Special Forces
• US Marine Force Recon
• Homeland Security
• US Coast Guard
• US federal law enforcement & intelligence agencies.